Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

by Schaumglas Global Consulting GmbH

Schaumglas Global Consulting GmbH is a worldwide supplier of production equipment for foam glass gravel production.

Our services include among other things:

  • Planning of turnkey production plants in accordance with customer requirements
  • Consultancy regarding the usability of your local raw materials
  • Establishing of specifications for the production building and consultancy in the case that an existing building is to be used for the production.
  • Preparation of specifications for the storage of the raw materials (silos and tanks).
  • Preparation of studies to evaluate the Investment
  • Preparation of modernization and optimization concepts for existing foam glass plants
  • Supply of the production equipment for the different components
  • Training of your personnel in Germany
  • Assembly and commissioning of the complete equipment (together with your personnel)
  • Production support until full production is reached and setting up recipes.
  • Development of new production methods in the foam glass industry